Listen to Terry Lees' amazing guitar playing!
Terry's latest Demo Album for you to listen to and enjoy:
01 Shallow Brown Play 06 Irish Washer Woman Play
02 Planxty Irwin Play 07 Hard Times Come Again No More Play
03 Eilean Donan Play 08 Carolan's Concierto Play
04 Fairwell to Tarawaithie Play 09 Cunla Play
05 The Princess Royal Play 10 Poor Boy Long Way From Home Play
These clips recorded by Joe Walsh -
NB These are full tracks & can take a few seconds to load.
These specially recorded tracks are free for you to download and keep:
Planxty Irwin Play Maple Leaf Rag Play
Little Beggar Man Play Summertime Play
Cunla Play Bouree Play
Blues in a Panic Play    
These audio clips of Terry Lees playing Acoustic Guitar were recorded at The Meads Studio Eastbourne by Chris Page