Learn to play the guitar with Terry Lees in Eastbourne East Sussex
General Guitar - Beginners  
Introduction to the guitar, simple chords, accompaniment using simple rhythms, playing simple tunes from standard notation, learning tabulature, basic keys, easy classical pieces, some popular songs.  
General Guitar - Intermediate  
Simplified versions of popular classics, Celtic rhythms 6/9 and 9/8, dropped D tuning, Irish jig - finger style, Blue Grass - flat picking, correct use of phrasing and attack, Blues - early Delta styles, Rock and Pop, Effects in modern guitar music  
General Guitar - Advanced  
For those who can already play. A certain amount of listening and discussion is an integral part of the course.
Jazz - Django Rheinhart, Charlie Christian and Martin Taylor, Chord substitutions and improvisations.
Classical - More advanced pieces from notation and tabulature, all major and minor scales, brief history of musical development from the middle ages to the present day.
Folk - Rhythmic variations, alternative tunings, use of counterpoint, fingerstyle and plectrum work.
Rock & Pop - Early styles of rock - Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochrane. Later styles -Shadows, Beatles, Hendrix to Oasis Blues - Styles of Broonzy and Hurt, later Chicago styles of B.B.King to Muddy Waters, introduction to slide guitar
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