CDs and Recordings by Terry Lees Acoustic and Folk Guitar
Terry Lees: Across the Western Ocean
  1. Miss McLeod's Reel
  2. King Of The Faeries Dance
  3. She Moves Through The Fair
  4. Frieze Breeches
  5. Across The Western Ocean
  6. Farewell The Tarwathie
  7. The Athol Highlanders
  8. Princess Royal
  9. Eilean Donan
  10. Doctor O'Neill
For details of other available recordings Contact Terry for details.

Terry's Sample Album

  1. Shallow Brown
  2. Planxtry Irwin
  3. Eilean_Donan
  4. Fairwell to Tarawaithie
  5. The Princess Royal
  6. Irish Washer Woman
  7. Hard Times Come Again No More
  8. Caro Cans Concerto
  9. Cunla
  10. Poor Boy Sail Away